Help Spread the word about The Java Cookbook

If you liked the book, you can help by

  1. Telling your friends, colleagues, manager, librarian:
    If you tell one person a week about it, in a year there'll be 50 or so new fans! (But don't tell the same person about it 50 times :-))
  2. Writing a review:
  3. Rate those reviews! There's one review on Amazon that is rather negative, and it's written by a "frequent" reviewer. Given that Amazon's software does not prevent you from voting more than once(!) and given that his review has hugely more votes than any other, and did have from the time it appeared, I wonder whether he may have simply voted himself into glory! If you like my book, you could vote for some of the favorable reviews...
  4. Ask for it in bookstores! If you are in a computer bookstore, or the computer section of a larger bookstore, and they don't have copies on display, ask about it! "Have you got the Java Cookbook? I've heard it's good :-) and I'd like to take a look at it." ...

If you didn't like the book, I'd appreciate it if you would mail me and let me know the problems you had with it so they can be corrected.

Thank you!

-- Ian and the Java Hen Gang