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0.0What am I allowed to do with this code? Please read this.
0.1Where are the downloads? Here
0.1Where is the XXX API that I need for Chapter X? Please go to the download by files page where there is a list of APIs.
1.0What else do I need? You should only need the current Java SE (which is 7.0 as of this writing. If you can only get Java 6, some files such as the ForkJoin example will not compile; either remove these classes or, better yet, temporarily add them to the list of elements in build.xml.

Everything else you need is supposed to be included in the lib directory.

1.1Where is Ant? You should only need the "base" Ant package, and you should rarely need to build it from source; the binaries should be fine. Start at
2.1Isn't there an error on page ... ? It is sad but true that no book this size is perfect. Some errors have been found.
3.1Can we send you a truckload of money for setting up this cool site? As mentioned on the FAQ for, this is actually a pretty infrequently asked question. The answer is yes.

"And if it don't work out..."

If you have other problems with the software, please email to the address at the very bottom of page xxvii in the book. Please use this checklist to be sure you are giving a useful problem report.