The Java Cookbook: Frequently Asked Questions

0.0What am I allowed to do with this code? Please read this.
0.1Where are the downloads? Here
0.2Where is the XXX API that I need for Chapter X? All files are downloaded by Maven when you build.
1.0What else do I need? You need at least the current Java SE LTS, currently 11. As we are always working to the bleeding edge, some classes need up to the latest SE, which is currently 14. Most classes that will not compile post-LTS are in the list of elements in build.xml, but you may have to add more.

Everything else you need should be downloaded by Maven.

1.1Where is Apache Maven? To build most of the download stuff you will need Apache Maven, which is in most operating systems' package managers or can be downloaded from
2.1Isn't there an error on page ... ? It is sad but true that no book this size is perfect. Some errors creep in. Errata Page for 4E
3.1Can we send you a truckload of money for setting up this cool site? As others have noted, this is actually a pretty infrequently asked question. The answer is yes.

"And if it don't work out..."

If you have other problems with the software, please email to the address at the very bottom of page xxvii in the book. Please use this checklist to be sure you are giving a useful problem report.